Free Online Tools That May Help To Do Your Homework

When it comes to the education technology field, some applications have been getting too smart. More and more online tools are offering on-demand help to students who want to work on their homework by themselves or buy homework online. Whether this is considered cheating or not, the help that these online tools offer to students cannot be ignored.

So whether you are searching for an online tool you can rely on to get finance homework help, including other subjects, here are apps that can handle your homework.


This app allows you to take pictures of any typed equations; then it outputs step-by-step solutions. This way you will not need to struggle with your assignments like before every time you feel you need help with homework. This tool wasn’t developed to become a cheating tool, but it’s a learning tool designed to offer students the guidance they need while studying.


HwPic is an app that offers tutoring service, allowing students to take and send photos or their assignments to tutors. The tutors can respond to any questions asked within minutes with a step by step guide. It also provides an option for expediting the answers if the user is in a hurry. So every time you find yourself saying ‘I need help with my homework,’ you can be sure that this tool is what you can rely on. HwPic doesn’t allow cheating on their terms and conditions. It doesn’t solve any homework that contains works such as ‘exam’ or ‘Quiz,’ and it knows when a student sends a photo during an exam. It can detect pictures that have been taken under the desk for cheating during a test.


Whether you are in college handling dozens of credits or you are a high schooler with eight classes, one thing is bound to happen: endless assignments. This online tool can act as a homework planner, helping you to keep track of your work. It can sort your assignments by due month, week, and date or by course. When you integrate data from Questia, you’ll link all the reading materials to the assignments. This means that you won’t have to go through piles of papers just to get the right information you are looking for.

Google Apps for Education

This is another ideal alternative from Google students can enjoy using. It packages together favorites such as Hangouts, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs as well as Google Drive with the classroom. This digital hub organizes assignments and sends feedback depending on the needs of the student. The aim of this collection is making learning a collaborative process so students can have it easy each time they need helping with homework. Although this application is cloud-hosted, you can still use the programs offline. This feature makes it suitable for those students who want to escape the internet world and work without any distractions.

These online tools will really help you to handle your assignment. However, if you still can’t manage everything by yourself, you can always buy homework online from a reputable writing service company.